Table of Contents

This is the table of contents of John Florio’s 1603 translation of Michel de Montaigne’s Essays. The table of contents of other editions is also available, including that of HyperEssays’s ongoing translation, Charles Cotton’s 1686 translation, and the original Middle French edition.

Book 1

Book 2

  • 1Of the inconstancie of our actions
  • 2Of Drunkennesse
  • 3A Custome of the Ile of Cea
  • 4To morrow is a new day
  • 5Of Conscience
  • 6Of exercise or practise
  • 7Of the recompences or rewards of Honor
  • 8Of the affection of fathers to their Children
  • 9Of the Parthians armes
  • 10Of Books
  • 11Of Crueltie
  • 12An Apologie of Raymond Sebond
  • 13Of judging of others death
  • 14How that our spirit hindreth it selfe
  • 15That our desires are encreased by difficulty
  • 16Of Glorie
  • 17Of Presumption
  • 18Of giving the Lie
  • 19Of the libertie of Conscience
  • 20We taste nothing purely
  • 21Against idlenesse, or doing nothing
  • 22Of running Posts, or Curriers
  • 23Of bad meanes employed to a good end
  • 24Of the Roman greatnesse
  • 25How a man shoulde not counterfeit to bee sicke
  • 26Of Thumbs
  • 27Cowardize the mother of crueltie
  • 28All things have their season
  • 29Of Vertue
  • 30Of a monstruous Childe
  • 31Of anger and choller
  • 32A defence of Seneca and Plutarke
  • 33The historie of Spurina
  • 34Observations concerning the means to warre after the maner of Julius Cæsar
  • 35Of three good Women
  • 36Of the worthiest and most excellent men
  • 37Of the resemblance between children & fathers

Book 3

  • 1Of profit and honestie
  • 2Of repenting
  • 3Of three commerces or societies
  • 4Of diverting or diversion
  • 5Upon some verses of Virgil
  • 6Of Coaches
  • 7Of the incommoditie of greatnesse
  • 8Of the Arte of conferring
  • 9Of Vanitie
  • 10How one ought to governe his will
  • 11Of the Lame or Cripple
  • 12Of Phisiognomy
  • 13Of Experience